The Owners & management

Tony - President & CEO


Tony, originally from England is a huge motorsport enthusiast having raced karts in England and the US.  He started out learning to rebuild motorcycle engines at age 14 while working in a small motorcycle shop in the village he grew up in.  Educated as a Mechanical Engineer, but serving most of his career in senior management and business owner, he is a perfectionist both mechanically and commercially.

Tina - Vice President (The Real Boss)


Tina, also originally from England, proud mother to Joshua and Matthew and wife to Tony.  Tina can be found most weekends in and around the control tower, concessions, registration, mowing the grass, but mostly keeping the guys in line (an ongoing task!!).  Tina has her motorcycle license and also enjoys hopping in a kart every once in a while.  On the same day as the photo above was taken, she also rode the worlds fastest roller-coaster, 0 to 150mph in 5 seconds.

Matt - Director of Operations


Matt has a need for speed.  It doesn't matter if it has two wheels, four wheels or a hull, just as long as it has a motor strapped to it that he can tweak to go faster, racing is in his blood.  With a great mechanical aptitude, Matt has no fear of tearing into a motor or tearing up the track.

Josh - Director of Finance


A recent graduate of St. John Fisher with a BS in Accounting, Josh is the finance brains of the organization.  While number savvy, he also has a passion for speed as well as an avid golfer and snowboarder.  Josh helped his father rebuild the blown up engine on his first full-sized dirt bike, so comfortable with an abacus or wrench.

Stan - Race Director


Stan is part of the history of the track, also known as the "Mayor".  From the day his father bought him his first kart at the track in 1964, a race season weekend has hardly ever gone by without Stan being at the track offering help and support to young and old.

Cooper - The Track Dog


Cooper - A familiar face at the track.