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Arrive & Drive Overview

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please be aware that the New York Department of Labor, Industry Inspection Bureau has brought to our attention that they are deeming our Arrive & Drive program as an operation that falls under their Amusement Park and Concession Go-Kart rules and regulations.  What this means at this stage is that in order for us to continue to operate our Arrive & Drive program, we need to potentially change our karts, procedures and facility to abide by Part 45 of Title 12 of the Official Compilation of Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the state of New York (Cited as 12 NYCRR 45).

While your safety has always been of the utmost importance to us at LMP, clearly the race style karts we run are far from concession style Go-Karts which require roll bars, seat belts and significant guarding over the engine, drive system and wheels.

We are going to need some time to work through these new requirements possibly looking for a variance to some of the code and/or change the style of our Arrive & Drive karts.

Unfortunately, we therefore have to advise that until further notice, we will not be operating our Arrive & Drive program until such time that we can be in one form or another in compliance with these regulations that the Arrive & Drive karts fall under.

NOTE: This does not in any way affect our normal kart racing schedule and points series for those of you that have your own karts and come practice and race on our regularly scheduled practice and race days.

For those of you that have purchased LMP Gift Kart's in the hopes of using them this season for Arrive & Drive, please contact us.  As a reminder however, our Gift Karts DO NOT have an expiration date and can be used for track merchandise, kart parts, practice and race day entry fees etc.

We are going to be working aggressively to weigh up the options and direction we can take, however, at this time, we cannot state when our Arrive & Drive program will be operational and therefore will not be able to take bookings at this time.

As Always...Stay Tuned