Points and standings

2018 LMP Points Series Championship Winners

Cadet Class

1st - Colton Brown

2nd - Jamyson Rahrle

3rd - Holly Thiel

Yamaha Jr. Can

1st - Ryan Beerman

2nd - Andrew Canorro

3rd - Dylan DenHaese

Yamaha Sr. Can

1st - Isaac Crandall

2nd - Jim Anderson

3rd - Bob Anderson

Yamaha Sr. Pipe

1st - Rick Martell

2nd - Jack Prossner

3rd - Bruce Coulombe

TaG Senior

1st - Jacob Brown

2nd - Matthew Goddard

3rd - Gary Peterson

LMP Points Posted for races through August 25th, 2019 and The NYKC through Round #5

NYKC Points 2019 (pdf)


2019 LMP Points (pdf)